We better use of micro tillage machine, this paper on the use of micro tillage machine learning began a simple introduction

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Micro tillage machine was the broad farmer friends farewell, micro farming machine has the advantages of small volume, high power, low fuel consumption, heavy operation sensitive

Micro tillage machine was the broad farmer friends farewell, micro farming machine has the advantages of small volume, high power, low fuel consumption, heavy operation sensitive, especially for in the mountainous and hilly dry land, paddy field, orchard, vegetable plot, greenhouse and bumpy narrow plots and complex astronomical conditions such as farming, farming efficiency can arrive an hour 0.8-1.2 mu; and a machine used in ploughing soil, deep soil crushing, shallow fine, paddy field harrowing and ridging of ridge, ditching, weeding and other varieties of work and can satisfy the request of agronomic techniques. Equipped with the corresponding equipment, but also to stop pumping, irrigation, power generation and machine harvesting, etc.. In order to help us better use of micro tillage machine, this paper on the use of micro tillage machine learning began a simple introduction.

Preparation before operation

1 check engine oil. Will launch placed in the degree of the machine, take off the oil feet, and to wipe the oil film, then the oil dipstick into the oil hole, then removed the oil foot observation level, the gasoline engine oil to the oiling hole neck and diesel engine oil should be to the oil ruler in the middle part, the use of gasoline engine and diesel engine by the use of oil can not exchange or mixed. If gasoline engine with diesel engine, the gasoline engine spark plug serious accumulation of carbon and can not be started, if diesel engine oil with steam, the diesel engine connecting rod bearings and other moving parts wear, forming diesel engine damage.

Most users do not see the right oil foot to check the oil, easy to make mistakes is will the oil foot after removal from the machine does not wipe clean look and see that results is mistakenly think that still have a lot of oil, and even sometimes had no oil, it will form burning tile damage the engine. New machine for the first time and enough oil. The operation of the machine 20 hours after should the oil finish, and then joining the new oil to machine residual impurities and machine wear and tear down the metal powder washed clean, machine is wear-resistant, durable to while hot machine put the old oil, because at this time the oil and impurities are mixed state and low concentration, easy to impurities on the net. Http://www.hthlwgj.com

2 check the transmission case of smooth oil.

Micro tillage machine placed in the aerial extent and remove the transmission oil filling hole plug, oil should be in the lower edge of the oil filler hole. If the oil level is below the lower edge of the oil filler hole, should be added to the clean gear oil. If there is no oil or oil to the gear box lacks, the gear box gear and bearing will damage within a few minutes.

3 check the fuel in the fuel tank. If the lack of fuel, should make up the fuel, gasoline engine with 90 or more of the gasoline, diesel engine with ordinary light diesel, the temperature in the following 0 degrees, with -10 light diesel. Smoking is strictly prohibited and any mars.

The water level in the tank (4 check refers to water cooled diesel engine), the clean water in the water tank, and the float rose to the highest point.

5. Adjust clutch cable, in does not hold the handle and the handle is loosened (lever type: the pull rod pull back), clutch separation, micro farming machine could not walk, hold the handle (lever type: the lever forwards), due to the pulling force of the tension spring tensioning wheel move, triangle belt tensioning (called separation), micro farming machine (with) walking and machine (with) in working state. If the clutch separation is not complete or the belt slipping, it is necessary to adjust the clutch cable bolt. Methods: lock nut loosen clutch cable pipe, wrench adjustment bolt. If the clutch is still not completely separated, should adjust the bolt to the internal rotation, until the clutch can be completely separated. If the clutch is not well separated (belt slipping), adjust the bolt to the outside, until the clutch can separate (the belt is not slipping), and then lock the nut. If the clutch cable can make the clutch bolt to adjust the normal work, you need to adjust the belt tension.

6 adjust the throttle. The armrest of the throttle handle opened to the maximum position, launched machine throttle should be opened to the maximum position, if the handrail of the throttle handle open to the maximum position and initiated the throttle on the machine can not be opened to the maximum position, it is necessary to adjust the throttle cable, approach is: first release the throttle pull wire of the lock nut, the adjustment screw is screwed to fit for the request to the lock nut.

7 triangle belt tightness adjustment. The triangle belt is to hand to the upper and lower belt quietly hold is appropriate, too loose or too tight will stop adjustment. Method is: loose development machine 4 star bolt device, if it is a gasoline engine, in addition to loosen the bolt device, should also loose development machine and gear box connecting plate fixing bolt, forward or backward appropriate mobile engine, the triangle belt tightness of fit the above request, tighten bolts.

8 hand frame height adjustment. To the operator feel up and down suitable for the standard, the general is the launch of the degree of the location of the engine, to the height of the waist high waist is appropriate. Adjustment method is to remove the arm of the adjustment bolt, change the height of the operation of the arm, and then adjust the bolt into the appropriate adjustment hole and tighten the nut.

9 tillage depth adjustment. Remove the drag rod pin, change the resistance bar under connection holes, you can adjust the tillage depth. Pin penetration resistance rod above the hole, the drag bar is lowered, tillage depth increases; pin penetrates below the hole, the drag rod increased farming depth decreases. Some machines are used to adjust the height of the resistance rod bolts, adjust, loosen the bolts, the resistance rod to the demand of the position, and then tighten the bolts.

10 select the supporting equipment, according to the soil condition, select the appropriate equipment. Winter paddy field tillage using field water wheel, dryland farming systems use a rotary tillage knife (if more than weeds and deep, should choose the type of mowing equipment), paddy, the first times with rotary blade or composite knife, second times in paddy field wheel, micro farming machine and micro tillage motive force output shaft, the connection must be safe and reliable (through the shaft pin and elastic pin). When the device should pay special attention to the difference between the left and right, do not install anti.

In micro tillage machine engine starts, carefully inspect the exhaust pipe exhaust smoke and to listen to the sound of the engine, when confirmed micro tillage machine of engine working normally, in the parting in the clutch, select the appropriate gear, and separation of the clutch, micro farming machine began to turn, to stop the field work. Do not clutch in state forced gear, otherwise it will break the transmission gear, resulting in unnecessary losses. If clutch



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