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Causes and how to prevent the safety hidden trouble of micro tillage machine

Causes and how to prevent the safety hidden trouble of micro tillage machine

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2019/07/17 11:06
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  Ping An Application of micro tillage machine is to ensure that the operator of each micro tillage machine is an important part of the body, it is necessary to cause the attention of each operator. Many people in the use of micro tillage machine when the accident, most of them are due to improper use or not pay attention to the formation of peace. Therefore, the operator in the use of machinery, the need to carefully read the application of micro tillage machine, keep in mind the use of "notice" and "safety rules", must be no less than four hours of exercise before the operation can work. Detailed should also pay attention to the following points:
  1, due to fatigue, illness, excessive drinking and other reasons to stop the operation of the machine.
  2, should wear appropriate work clothes and hats, and pay attention to clothes, hair, towels, etc. can not be involved in the machine. Every time after the completion of the operation, should overhaul maintenance parts, so that the next stop work smoothly.
  3, the staff should pay attention to the foot posture, should try to stabilize, and must ensure that the operator to control the system of control.
  4, should be as far as possible in the formation of the central handling equipment, loading and unloading must make the engine stop running.
  5, overhaul adjustment and sweep the grass, should first stop the engine, and then stop the disposal.
  6, add fuel, be sure to stop the engine, and no ignition.
  7, homework, do not let the job has nothing to do with the people into the machine, pay special attention not to let the children close to.
  8, the operation, should pay attention to the machine around, in order to ensure peace. Especially in fruit trees under the operation, due to the narrow central, on the ground and long a lot of grass, so if there is something that is very difficult to find, which requires the operator in front of the work and to seriously check around whether there is a wire, stones and so on, to remove obstacles and ability to work. At the same time should pay attention to is that the choice of "back" when the file must be a small throttle from the car, certainly there is enough space behind, no obstacles, to work.
  9, micro tillage machine in the greenhouse, greenhouse operation, or in the room to stop the maintenance work, whether it is a gasoline engine or diesel engine, the exhaust gas is easy to stay, should pay attention to ventilation. Http://
  10, the engine muffler temperature is extremely high, no hand touch. The machine cover cover, etc. should be complete after the local high temperature cooling silencer stop.