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Small micro tillage machine main supporting agricultural machinery and operation demonstration

Small micro tillage machine main supporting agricultural machinery and operation demonstration

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2019/07/17 11:05
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  Small micro tillage machine matching of agricultural machinery and tools are: rotary cultivator, Hiller, tail wheel, blade of the rotary blades, planter, cultivator, shovel, weeding round, trucks and other. The following is our main work and the way you hanging on several commonly used machines.
  Rotary tillage:     
  The rotary cultivator is to stop soil tillage installation, it is the main supporting micro tillage machine equipment. After the rotary cultivator ordinary fixed to the host of the tailstock, intermediate chain box and host a gearbox power output axis is connected, will host power is transmitted to the rotary cultivator transmission case; rotary cultivator design clutch and reversing reversing mechanism.
  During the operation, whether it is in or is low under trees, only is life, with a front rotary tillage operation. The available drive shaft directly stop rotary tillage. Needs to pay attention, because plots hardness difference and the tillage depth different, needs to adjust resistance device length. Insert open more deep, more resistance to air, slow moving speed of the rotary tiller, rotary deepen, whereas the opposite. This machine is divided into 60 cm and 90 cm two cm, and its depth is about 8-14 cm.
  Ordinary acres of land, half an hour to complete.
  DWG2.5-1 type machine matching precision seeding machine can stop sowing. The rotary cultivator for fine behind the planter, before use must first filled with sand in front wheel in the crackdown. For example, when corn, ordinary ridge width 60 cm, to intermediate tie rod screw loose, after adjusting the length of rods to reach the demand of ridge width. After removing grain spacing screw mounted to reach the request of resistance. Put the seeds into the feeding trough, the first machine to lift up, hand to turn the wheel, to see whether the seed down, the official operation, can be used to move the 1 block, after sowing the seeds of the compaction of the soil compaction.
At present, the planting of corn, peanuts, soybeans and other fine seeding machines are more.
  DWG2.5 type machine is only loaded on the turbine, Hiller, direct stop up. The need to separate the iron wheel, together with rotary blade. China's Shandong region onion planting more, using the most appropriate machine. The onion ridge compared narrow, so only the use of a set of rotary blade can. In the growth period of Welsh onion, every time before fertilization demand earth, you can use it to operate. When the use of the "I", "II" can be, at the same time, because the machine itself is light, can be directly put up the machine to turn.
  You see, the effect is good, right?
  Micro tillage weeding:
  DWG2.5 type machine unload resistance device, mounted on a cultivator, also called the "three side", will be able to stop weeding. If you want to adjust the depth of weed control, can adjust the height of the tail wheel. Installed, must be left a little gap, or will form a machine to walk straight, the operation is not sensitive. Like corn and other crops, especially the hillside, the most appropriate use of this machinery. But can not be too fast, the maximum can only use 2 files.   Http://
  Spray operation:
  The minicomputer can converge and medium-sized spray pump spraying foliar fertilization or pesticide for crop pest control operations. Hanging spray pump, needs to remove the belt cover, remove a triangle. On the front frame assembly spray pump rack and spray pump, special liquid box combination to flange of the main frame, the spray pump suction pipe and the water return pipe is inserted into the liquid tank, engine starts, the triangle belt will launch maneuvering force is transmitted to a spray pump; host selection of travel speed and spray pump clutch and clutch engagement, can stop the side road side spraying.