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Micro tillage machine is farmer spring busy season essential farm machinery, but farmers in the use of micro tillage machine in the process of injury accidents are common

Micro tillage machine is farmer spring busy season essential farm machinery, but farmers in the use of micro tillage machine in the process of injury accidents are common

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2019/07/17 11:01
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  Chinese saying: "spring has refused to busy, hungry face yellow in autumn." Now in all is the spring busy season, micro farming machine is the farmer spring busy season essential agricultural, but farmers in the use of micro tillage machine in the process of injury accidents have occurred frequently, which is mainly formed by farmers not standard operating. So what operation in the use of micro tillage machine in the process is not safe? How to prevent it? Http://
  In the operation of micro tillage machine before, first of all must be familiar with the book to clarify in strict accordance with the instructions, request stop running a cozy, followed by necessary after operation training before the operation.        
  Two, before the operation of the machine to check the connection fasteners can be tightened, remember to tighten the bolt (including the box part, the pressure box part, the support of the connection part of the engine, the engine muffler, air filter, etc.).      
  Three, the nose, the body at the level of inspection can add enough oil, gear oil, can not be more, also not less; check whether there is oil leakage (oil, diesel oil, gear oil) phenomenon, can use. At the same time, remember that the fuel tank can not be added to gasoline, the need to add 0# diesel.
  Four, the use of micro tillage machine should be in the air filter on the bottom and 1cc oil and pay attention to are not allowed to drink the operation of micro tillage machine, new machine allowed large work load and field transfer should change a tire, especially slope homework should avoid micro tillage machine the dumping of injuries.
  Five, start, must be confirmed before and after the left and right, in front of the peace can be started, so as not to hurt people. Winter launch machine is not good start, the pot boiling water spray nozzle or to put out the room note 0.5 - 1CC oil, you can normally start.       
  Six, process, intermediate substitution, talking with people, eliminate weeds winding turret, don't in gear clutch clutch, must be confirmed in neutral machine not or flameout when to stop.
  Seven, micro tillage machine in the installation of the knife, do not walk on the road, the stone floor, in the work should be as far as possible to prevent the collision with the hard objects, such as large boulders, so as not to damage the blade. Found that the launch machine or walking tank, pressure box with abnormal sound after the inspection, to eliminate problems after the ability to work.
  Eight, the operator in the operation if the back of the threshold is less than 1 meters, stop using reverse.         
  Nine, the new engine after normal working 20 acres of land, required engine change engine oil and gear oil, otherwise cooler can not row as in the body of the remaining oil; 80 - 100 acres of change after the second; continuous operation after 3-5 days required cleaning air filter, 400 - 700 acres after stop oil pump, oil nozzle pressure check, check adjustment of valve clearance, if necessary, change piston rings, valve and connecting rod bearing.
  Ten, quarterly job is completed, they should pay attention to eliminate micro tillage machine on the soil, weed, oil and other attachments, and check the fastening of the bolts fastening, and looking for films or other things cover, avoid rust insolation, drench.
  Micro tillage machine running and maintenance maintenance
  In order to make micro tillage machine to adhere the best performance, the purchase of new micro tillage machine must stop running, using micro tillage machine must stop regular maintenance and maintenance.
  Run: the purchase of new micro tillage machine starts to use when running in stage, the accelerator can not be open too big, engine speed operation is required (1 block farming).
  After a run for 20 hours, while the engine unloading status initiated engine crankcase oil drain plug, oil is released, then tighten the drain plug, oil from the oil filling opening in plenty of, also want to change gear box gear oil. Transmission box was worn, will lead to the launch of the engine is difficult, fuel consumption increased, horsepower landed, serious damage to the formation of the machine.
  Maintenance: 1 daily maintenance. Check the fuel tank fuel, engine oil and transmission gear oil, if the water - cooled engine, but also to check the cooling water in the tank. Check and adjust belt tightness. Remove surface oil, dirt and weeds. Check and tighten the fastening bolts and axle pin.
  2 engine maintenance work 100 hours. Change engine oil; eliminate gasoline engine spark plug electrode coke, adjust the gap of the spark plug to 0.7-0.8 mm; check and adjustment of valve clearance is needed in the cooler state stop adjustment, gasoline engine into the valve clearance 0.10-0.15 mm, exhaust valve clearance 0.15-0.20 mm; diesel engine into the valve clearance of 0.15-0.25 mm, the exhaust valve clearance 0.25-0.35 mm. Clean fuel filter element and air cleaner element.
  3 engine maintenance work 500 hours. Check valve close; check the connecting rod bearing clearance; eliminate piston surface carbon deposition, when necessary change piston ring; to replace worn the tillage knife.