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The operator should pay attention to the micro tillage machine to avoid the formation of the moving parts of the wound

The operator should pay attention to the micro tillage machine to avoid the formation of the moving parts of the wound

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2019/07/17 11:00
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  1, micro tillage machine operators must through professional training or familiar with the machine instructions in front of operation, personnel is not familiar with the machine operating methods of operation is strictly prohibited.
  2, micro tillage machine operator should pay special attention to the safety warning signs on the machine, carefully read the contents of the logo, and express other operators.
  3, micro tillage machine operators should pay attention to avoid the formation of the moving parts of the wound. To check whether the exposed rotating parts have been well protected.
  4, micro tillage machine operator is strictly prohibited to work, so as to avoid accident.
  5, before each work must check the engine and transmission box smooth oil is sufficient.
  6, before use, must check all parts of the engine and gearbox, can bolt loose, scattered phenomenon.
  7, check the operating components (bit) is sensitive and effective.
  8, the device must be recognized when the knife is symmetrical, the working edge of the front face, otherwise it can not be normal use.
  9, the engine must be checked before the start of the clutch can in each position, whether the gear lever in the neutral position.
  10, to ensure that initiated the normal work of the machine, prolong the using life, engine sponsor must empty load operation, is 5 to 10 minutes in front of the work, before beginning work 1 to 2 hours is best not to high speed and heavy load. If the engine when the launch of the phenomenon, should be quickly cut off the fuel supply or infarction inlet to make the engine immediately stalled.
  11, the resistance should be adjusted at any time according to the working conditions, adhere to the position of the body, to prevent excessive tilt of the engine, causing the engine is not smooth and damaged.
  12, operation process should stop touch all kinds of rotary cutting tools, prevent injuries, and away from the high temperature area of the exhaust pipe, beware of burns.
  13, change tools, eliminate weeds and maintenance inspection, must suspend the operation in the engine front to stop.
  14, is strictly prohibited in any way to improve the speed of the machine.
  15, the engine speed, power and other parts of the experimental platform has been adjusted to normal, is strictly prohibited to adjust.
  16, the machine does not have the lighting installation, is strictly prohibited in the night work.
  17, micro tillage machine to low speed in the field angle, groove, hole, and other nearby canal operation.
  18, add oil should be shut down and avoid war. Http://
  19, in the slope area operations should pay attention to the machine balance, can work along the slope direction, the slope should be less than 25 degrees.
  20, when the machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to close or touch the rotating parts, so as not to attack.