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How to correctly use maintenance micro tillage machine

How to correctly use maintenance micro tillage machine

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2019/07/17 10:57
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  After the farmers and friends to buy micro tillage machine, in the use of the right to have the correct operation method, and the need to do a good job of daily maintenance work. Technical staff to remind farmers, should be paid attention to the following aspects:
  First, runningin.     
  The new machine has not been run in, direct investment will shorten the service life of micro tillage machine. First 20 hours is the engine running in period, the operator must comply with the following matters: after starting the first of five minutes of the engine running. To keep the engine running at low speed until the engine is not hot, do not run at full speed or low speed without load. Avoid overload operation. Engine running in the running period can not be full load running, you can rotate speed by 3000 / min, 50% load running around.
Two, daily maintenance
  Before each use to check, check the parts of the bolt, the nut is loose and the amount of oil, but also to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance. Engine lubricating oil for the first time 20 hours, after every 100 hours to replace.
  Change the transmission oil for the first time 50 hours, after every 200 hours to replace once. Fuel filter cleaning cleaning every 500 hours, 1000 hours to replace. Daily cleaning air filter.
  Three, safe operation
  A walking wheel should be installed in a long distance away from the outside of the field. In the paddy field, through the channel or through the soft place, you must use the mobile plate, at the lowest speed. The width, intensity, length of plate shall be suitable for the machine. In the plate, do not operate the steering handle, the handle and the main clutch operating lever.
  No rush, stop, turn the speed down to the slowest.
  In the downhill or trench road in the rugged, and try to reduce the speed.
  No standing back after the rotary operation, is strictly prohibited and will be extended under the knife. In the greenhouse work, must pay attention to the exhaust and ventilation, especially in the winter, should pay attention to.
  Note that when working cultivator hit the ground or the solid rock will take advantage of the opportunity to jump.
  Back when, should reduce the throttle, rotary power cut off. When the engine is started, to confirm the gear lever push (pull) to a neutral position and pay attention to surrounding safety.   When removing weeds on Soil and knife, the engine should be off. Tilt the operation, do not use the steering handle.
  Four, trouble shooting micro tillage machine main trouble shooting method
  Five, micro tillage machine long-term parking note
  Engine low speed operation for 5 minutes, after the shutdown of the engine oil, add new oil.
  Remove fuel bolts on the engine cylinder cover, filling 1-2 two oil. The gear linked to the neutral gear, hold the engine decompression handle, pull recoil starter rope 2-3. Then put the pressure reducing handle back to the compression position, slowly pull back to Okinawa until the pressure is felt. Equipment should be washed and dried, parked dry noise, safe position. (provincial agricultural machinery appraisal station Liu Shuyan)